Yarra National Anarchists

By way of introduction…

We’re back!

The Yarra National-Anarchists are a network of dedicated activists based in the City of Yarra. We are a part of the larger National-Anarchist network in Australia. We advocate decentralisation of government to the lowest possible level, a dismantling of the nanny-state, promotion of sustainable living and a value system that embraces environmental and cultural preservation. We oppose globalisation, imperialism, the left-right dichotomy and all forms of dogmatism.

This website has in the past and will continue to publish news and information relevant to National-Anarchists and those that may be interested in our activities. At the moment we are working on a full revamp of the website, from which it will be back in action, better than ever. Please bare with us while we get everything set up.

Where did you go?

It is the unfortunate reality that there are a few individuals out there that would try to deny us the freedom to share our ideas and the ability to live according to our own values. Over the past few days, this website has been victim of hackers, claiming to act under a banner of anti-Fascism. These “AntiFa” groups are active throughout the world and are known to attack activists, or anybody for that matter, that they disagree with. People have been violently bashed, families have been terrorised and homes/shops have been vandalised by these thugs, simply because of the beliefs and activities of those they target.

What motivates their attacks?

It is the commonly held misconception that AntiFa is just a branch of the broader anti-System movement around the world. However, once we take a look at the facts, we see that AntiFa thugs have never taken any direct action against the System, their preferred activities is to attack activists of all descriptions that oppose the holy dogma of “political correctness.” Anybody that opposes the current established dogmas of multiculturalism, egalitarianism, open borders, militant homosexual/feminist movement and other assorted ideas is to be labelled a “racist,” “nazi,” “homophobe” and is a prime target to be assaulted or harassed.

AntiFa claim to be the footsoldiers of the workers, protecting them from neo-Nazi Skinheads and other violent white supremacists. They try to justify their violence by claiming they only attack those that are violent in their own right and need to be attacked in self-defence. In reality, AntiFa worldwide have been responsible for bricks being thrown at elderly folk attending meetings of unpopular political parties, they have attacked women and attempted to force their way in to family homes to the terror of children hiding inside. These thugs try to claim the moral high ground of “fighting against fascism” but in reality, they behave much the same as any Nazi stormtrooper.

The idea of freedom of speech and association, one that is deemed by many to be a value of the “left-wing” is completely ignored by AntiFa. Their concept of who should have freedom of speech is restricted to only those that they agree with, if somebody doesn’t agree with them on their doctrine, they are to be treated as vermin until they fall in to line in fear of being attacked. AntiFa also claim to have the support of other political groups, from Socialists, to Anarchists and other libertarians – the reality is that AntiFa is very much a fringe in radical circles, with many seeing them as being as bad as the fascists they attack. Many leftist radicals avoid criticising AntiFa in fear of reprisals, in fear of being accused of “thought crime.”

Who benefits?

Quite simply, the System. When one group of anti-Globalisation activists attacks another, nobody gains but the Globalists. When AntiFa work day and night to terrorise, harass and attack other anti-System activists, they are doing the work of the System. AntiFa uses the rhetoric of class struggle, anti-authoritarianism and anti-imperialism to garner public support but their actions have done more to support the ruling elite and global capitalism than it has ever done to fight it.

What can be done?

National-Anarchists are willing to work with and support all anti-System activists around the world. We have been networking and organising with all sorts of radicals, from Socialists and Anarchists, to Nationalists and Secessionists, to black Christians and Muslims. We do not accept the dogmas that have plagued our broader movement for so long, we realise that we must work together if we are to succeed.

We do not blame AntiFa activists for having the ideas that they do. The Establishment has worked for decades to create the division that exists within radical movements. We understand that AntiFa activists feel marginalised and surrounded by what seems to be an impregnable fortress that is the System. We know how it feels and we can relate. We hope to help the men and women, boys and girls in the AntiFa organisations around the world to overcome their dogmas and take their place within the real movement towards freedom, the movement that will defeat global capitalism forever!

If you know any comrades that have been caught up in AntiFa circles, don’t push them away, let them know that we’re all in the same struggle and we need to work together if we are going to succeed. Give them the opportunity to see that attacking other activists isn’t going to make their lives any better, scapegoating other radicals for their own weaknesses isn’t going to defeat the System. Only united, will we never be defeated!